What we do:

make dances

play with light, space, time, tools, technology, paper and paint

share our discoveries with the dance community in the form of workshops

Here[begin] Dance is the performance and production project of experimental movement artist Zornitsa Stoyanova.

Primarily a choreographer, improviser, and dancer, I also do lighting, graphic design, work with video and sound, and am heavily influenced by visual art. All this I use as my inspiration in creating imaginative, nonlinear and interactive events. I am enchanted with the possibility of putting many forms of artistic expression into one self-referential and emotionally coherent experience.

Zornitsa Stoyanova - photo by Bill Hebert

In performance, I explore different kinds of traditional and not so traditional mediums, like paper, paint, countdown clocks, video tapes, and sometimes even projections. Often times lighthearted my work show images like smearing fake blood on myself, or having a cage instead of a pregnant belly with the goal of creating an evocative, full of potential and varied emotional experience. I’m interested in making live installations and in the core of my work is a   performance practice that is always reactive, interactive and alive, distilling the fourth wall between the stage and the audience. I move fast and fluid, and sprinkle my characters with small intricate gestural accents and subtle expressions.

I strive to bring my audience in an alternative reality where conventional rules don’t exist and through series of strong images and interactive experiments they each have a personal and unique experience.

Who with:

Ongoing dancers/collaborators are percussionist Toshi Makihara, composer Micronesia, composer and lecturer Greg Dunn, dancers and choreographers Eric Conroe, Emma Morehouse, Erin Shanti Desmond, Greg Holt, Zack Svoboda, Lisa Rothstein, Christina Gesualdi, Annie Wilson, Megan Bridge, Adam Kerbel and Mason Rosenthal.