What we do:

make dances

experiment with media

play with space, time, tools, technology, paper and paint

share our discoveries with the dance community in the form of workshops


Here[begin] Dance is the performance and production project of experimental movement artist Zornitsa Stoyanova.

Often times theatrical, Zornitsa’s collaborations explore non linear stories, movement invention, spoken word, and object installation. She is equally interested in making set performances, as well as structured improvisations. Visual art is a big inspiration to Zornitsa and is sometimes a reason for a creation of a new piece.

We are devoted to helping and educating the dance community and offer professional classes and workshops, including choreography, technique, web design for the arts and social media.

Who with:

Ongoing dancers/collaborators are percussionist Toshi Makihara, composer Micronesia, composer and lecturer Greg Dunn, dancers and choreographers Eric Conroe, Emma Morehouse, Erin Shanti Desmond, Greg Holt, Zack Svoboda, Lisa Rothstein, Christina Gesualdi, Annie Wilson, Megan Bridge, Adam Kerbel and Mason Rosenthal.


Zornitsa’s Artist Statement:

I am an artist engaged in all aspects of performance. Primarily a choreographer, improviser, and dancer, I also do lighting, graphic design, work with video and sound, and am heavily influenced by visual art. I’m interested in creating imaginative, nonlinear and interactive events. I am also interested in theatrical methodology and explore the relationship between minimal movement and a more character driven approach in composing the body. My work springs from a clear understanding of visual imagery, focusing on and articulating the body and space as opposed to a narrative or concept. I strive to create events that propose a multiplicity of outcomes unraveling simultaneously in time.

I work from questions, rather than ready concepts that need to be fulfilled.

I’m fascinated with presence, tone/quality of body, minimal movement and gestures that reflect meaning. Presently I am working with ideas of intensity and timing. How long does it take for an event to emerge and solidify before it’s replaced by another? Being Bulgarian and learning English as a second language, I also am fascinated with gesture and ideas of communication. I seek the special bond between the observer/audience member and the performer when communication occurs. This connection that can be identified and yet it cannot be named or classified. How does the performer dictate this communication bond by shifting their presence and tone of body? Where does movement and choreography stand in the performer / audience relationship?

Other questions/themes I work with are:

The concept of actual space vs. digital space created by a camera frame
Decomposing vs. composing
Reverse patterning
Texture of movement
Emotional states
Seamless choreographic structures
Changing brain waves and perception in the audience