What is Here[begin] Dance

Here[begin] Dance is the performance and production project of experimental artist Zornitsa Stoyanova.

Primarily a choreographer, improviser, dancer, and curator, I also do lighting, graphic design, work with video and sound, and am heavily influenced by visual art. I also write for thINKingDANCE.net.

My performance is derivative, working with text, video, and often refering to historical timeline.  I use materials like, Mylar, paper and paint sometimes creating  interactive installations.

I strive to bring my audience in an alternative reality, often playing with surreal events, sci-fi imagery and personal interactions.

Zornitsa Stoyanova Artist Statement:

I merge dance, theater and installation into interactive events. My visual art distils the female body into sensual/sexual abstractions, bringing to light the process of division, propagation, and multiplicity, while commenting on cultural and social issues surrounding the female form.

In performance, I use dance, film, design, and light to create interactive, self-referential and emotionally compelling events, deconstructing human and specifically female experience.  I value experimentation, innovation, visual disorientation and most of all interaction with my audience.  I work from the visual, where producing video and photography often proceed the creation of live performance.  My moto is make it first and after looking at it and interrogating its social meaning, decide if it needs to be part of the performance.

Since 2013, I have worked with Mylar reflective material, interrogating its potential for cultural meaning while pushing its boundaries into creating new abstract and psychedelic imagery.  The creating of this new sci- fi inspired world started from photography, seeped into film making and most recently with the creation of my latest performance work Explicit Female (2016). Presently, I’m engaged in developing a new project called Lick My Gun (to be completed 2018) that started from one of the photographs from Explicit Female.


cropped-MG_0387-web.jpgExplicit Female (2016 – 60 min.)

Explicit Female is an immersion into the female body.  Featuring personal narratives, custom designed lighting and live feed special effects, it aims to process the mystery of the shape-shifting form half of the world resides in.  Casual, yet intimate, the performance strives to connect deeply and kinesthetically to the viewers, at times asking them to participate in the very creation of the event itself.

For info to performances, films or photography, please check the menu.

Programs and Presenting series

 Moms Make Art Residency 2016

Classes and workshops (ongoing)

We present professional level dance and choreography classes and workshops. Please, check upcoming events for more information.

Get What You Need – a free monthly community dance workshop hosted at Mascher Space, Philadelphia. Started Feb. 2015 – ongoing.

Move Dance Think Fest (Started May 2015) a two day long bi-annual festival in collaboration with Kristen Shahverdian and Jacelyn Biondo – 3 shows, 2 workshops, 1 lecture, an artist talk, conversations and a community dinner. Supported by Headlong Studios, Philadelphia. www.movedancethink.org



Susan Rethorst, Making Your Best Work Workshop– In Dec. 2010 we presented a week long choreography workshop with Susan Rethorst. We also started a blog about the experience, which you can find here. Collaborated with Dance Advance at the Pew Charitable Trusts and Live Arts Festival (now Fringe Arts) in inviting Susan to Philadelphia.

Current: an evening of dance and art (2007 until 2010) was a performance series merging all mediums of art connected to movement and the human body. The goal of this series is to present varied contemporary performing art forms in the same place and time with the intent of bringing together artist and art lovers. This series are presently on hiatus as Zornitsa focuses more on researching her work.

Dance Cinema Projects – screenings presented in different locations in Philadelphia, 2007- 2008.