Untitled and Solo – text from performance

written by Zornitsa Stoyanova and performed by automatic voice generator (which is also the reason for the formatting) 

      Out there    above us,

a beacon of peace watches.   The international space station circles the earth, an image of humanity’s achievement.

Astronauts from around the world meeting, working, eating, sleeping, shitting, waking up and meeting again… watching down on us.  

They are safe.

Protected by a thin layer of shiny magic.

It is perfectly isolating, this magic material – making sure human life is preserved.

The smartest of us all…. most fit for space exploration, watching down on us each day.

Just a thin layer of perfectly isolating



keeping them from the horrors of open space.

The best of us,

perfectly isolated in a peaceful cocoon

of safety.


in orbit.

This shiny magic material saves lives…

On earth as well.

Ambulances –  those bringers of help and hope – wrapping the injured in it.  

A magic fabric that keeps warmth in,

isolating the injured from a certain death.  

The shine is happy to help.

The shine is always happy to help.

CHeap and cheaply made,

affordable and easy to get –  it is given to all marathon runners to keep warm.

Such honorable material and almost indestructible too.  

But once used, it is cheap and cheaply made trash.

Wrapping around posts, crawling out of trash cans,

it will never deteriorate.

It will shine

long after

the homeless wrapped in it

have died.

Keeping their dying bodies perfectly isolated from

the rest of us.

A perfect



life preserving material.

Reflecting and diverting our attention.  Making what’s inside it invisible to our senses.

The magic shine will never die…. we even keep our most precious in it.

We wrap the most needy of us.

The children

The children of others

The ones escaping,





The precious immigrant children

Wanting to become…

to become one of us

One of us …

Us and them

The us

The U.S.

To become

the best of us

Like the astronauts in space

We wrap them in the shine… for safety. We


we …

they …


they…we they put them in cages

Many put together

Like stray dogs in cages

But preserved,

Crying we

They …


we… wrap them in the magic shine.

The children of others

Perfectly isolated and safe.

Perfectly preserved!

Isolated from us inside the shine.




life preserving material.

Reflecting and diverting our attention.

Space saving, preserving humanity

as only




I so lating

I so late ing

I so lit end

I so lat ei ing

I so la la la lalalalating

I so lala la la tetete te te te te te te lalalalala  la la la la la ing….. ing