Rock On Philadelphia!

October 2015 | by Zornitsa Stoyanova for The Rocky Awards is an annual cabaret-style celebration from and for Philly’s dance community. “Rockies” (the awards) are informal—they signify love and appreciation for an artist’s work and they are passed from person to person year after year. The theme of this year’s show—A Funeral—referenced both the closing of the Philadelphia service organization… Read more →

In darkness, we disappear together

October 2015 | by Zornitsa Stoyanova for Fringearts is in full force in Philadelphia, and I am in Budapest, watching L1danceFest. The Last Step Before, by choreographer Jaro Viňarský & SKOK! and lighting designer Pavel Kotlik, is the third piece of the night, running almost an hour later than the advertised time. The Mu Theater is hot; people use random… Read more →

CineWomen interview about my film Chrysalis

August 3rd, 2015 | CineWomen interview with Zornitsa Stoyanova – Zornitsa Stoyanova’s work convey a purely subjective, yet modernist, sensibility where the form conveys its meaning directly, heightening individuals’experiences of time and space. In Chrysalis figures appear and disappear in a gentle flow, sometimes moving the story forward, sometimes backward: throughout the film the physical properties of the images seem… Read more →

Nude Body

May, 2015 |  By Zornitsa Stoyanova In 2012 I was asked to take off my clothes for money. I said yes. The project was produced by a major Philadelphia presenter, Fringe Arts, and funded by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.  The piece had a concept I deeply resonated with and I was in a cast with 6 other… Read more →

Move Dance Think Fest review – A Dance of Attention

A Dance of Attention May, 2015 for by Megan Bridge In the first weekend of May at Headlong Studios, Move Dance Think Fest (the Significance of Everything: A Way Into Presence) spanned two full days of workshops, performances, lectures, and conversation. The two performances I attended on Saturday were bridged by a lecture on presence by Headlong Dance Theater’s… Read more →

Rehearsal Images

Paper Duchess

Solo dance improvisation “She is Baroque. Her gestures are precise, formal…they are telling us something and it is amazing. I want to keep hearing it.….”  ~Megan Bridge for Paper Duchess explores images of formality vs. casualness, tied to communication though gesture, form, emotional content and image.  Zornitsa starts with setting up a notion of magical theatricality, a floating paper… Read more →

Improvisation Performance

Zornitsa regularly performs solo and group improvisations. Her scores are often theatrical and interactive, using light and focusing on emotional states, contrasting physical qualities and gestural content. In addition Zornitsa also dances with Emergent Improvisation Project based in Vermont and Grafitto Works in Philadelphia. For booking please email: Read more →

shatter ::: dawn

dance installation event 5 performers ::: 10 audience If the body is a container for multiplicity of meaning, where do recognizable cultural gestures dissolve into abstract shape? When is the body an art object, a social creature, or both? What can the body contain? What are we hiding? What are we saying when we say nothing at all, and no… Read more →

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